The Semi-Custom Oldschool RSPS.

We are an economy based oldschool private server, making it a great home for any activity. Filled with loads of customised content providing a never seen before experience.

All our custom content is designed by ourselves. We don't have customs for the sake of having customs, we have them to fit in perfectly in the oldschool scenery.




Frequently Asked

Not what you were looking for or require additional information?

Reach out to us using our discord server!
Or email us at staff@abyssal-ps.com


In order to play Abyssal you will require the Java, which you can download from java.com. After installing Java you should be able to succesfully run the game using our launcher from our download page.

In order to on receive your password, log into the game from an alt account and message an admin with the username of the account you lost the password to, they will be able to verify you created the account on the same network or device and should be able to reset it for you.
We are NOT able to view your passwords due to our encryption system, which means we will only be able to reset it and not recover it.
To prevent the password recovery appeal in the future, you can manually link your discord account to the RuneKnight bot in our discord server, this way you will be able to reset your password through him should you forget it in the future.

Please double-check if you used the correct username on our vote site and the countdown timer for the site you voted on has started. If you're still not able to claim your votes even after a few minutes, please contact an admin in-game or via discord to help you resolve this.

Sometimes it can take a few minutes before we receive the confirmation message from our payment provider. Make sure to verify as well on your end if the payment went through properly. If you still are not able to claim the items in-game after 10 minutes, please contact us and we will try to get it resolved as soon as possible.